These are the current Civil War Round Table groups in Texas with their websites listed below. If you find more, please email and we will add what you find.


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The Austin Civil War Round Table (ACWRT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the American Civil War. Located in Austin, Texas, the ACWRT has a diverse membership of over 200 people. We welcome everybody, regardless of creed, race, national or regional background.

The Austin Civil War Round Table meets monthly, September through June, to hear talks by nationally-known speakers. We also sponsor seminars and raise funds to promote the preservation of the hallowed ground where the combatants fought and died.

We study the Civil War to learn about the history of our nation and to honor those who sacrificed their lives in this great and terrible struggle.

We strive to remember, understand, and respect the past … not to live in it.


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This is a relatively new site in Dallas but check them out if you have friends in the city.